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GTEC An Overview

Grand Traverse Engineering and Construction (GTEC) was founded in 1979 and was purchased by the Grand Traverse Band (GTB) of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians in 2014. Wholly owned by Grand Traverse Economic Development (GTED). GTED is the economic  development entity of the GTB. Focused on providing services to federal, state, commercial and tribal entities, the firm excels at completing projects which are sustainable, affordable, and valuable to the community. The principals of GTEC have more than three decades of combined experience in construction management, civil engineering, water resources planning, and transportation engineering.

GTED established GTEC to support its growing need for design and construction services within the Tribe’s geographic and economically controlled land developments.  GTEC is a proven company with over 10 years of successful construction management, civil engineering and land planning projects completed.  GTEC offers a depth of experience in private and tribal work, in addition to their focus on state and federal contracts.  GTEC had proven experience in tribal transportation planning, which generates federal funding opportunities for tribal governments, through the Federal Highway Administration.

Grand Traverse Engineering and Construction is located in Traverse City, Michigan.


About GTED Grand Traverse Economic Development

Wholly-owned by the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, GTED is the commercial investment entity that provides a consistent, supportive, and structured management platform, in order to best support our subsidiary companies.

While servicing existing relationships and building new ones, the GTED group of companies achieve well-managed business growth in traditional and evolving markets with an emphasis on sustainability and commitment to our people.

Today we are proud to enrich the lives of our people in many ways. With the wisdom, energy, and ideas of everyone who contributes to the GTB, our success will benefit the entire community.

We, the non-gaming, economic development entity of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians, a Sovereign Nation, honor our ancestors and strive to empower the well being of our present and future generations.

Angie Shinos, MBAEnrolled Member Board Chair
Angie Shinos, MBA
Enrolled Member
Board Chair